APCSC Customer Relationship Excellence & CSQS Summit 2005

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    The APCSC Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Summit is a Regional Conference for leading companies to exhibit and showcase Customer Service and CRM related best practices, success stories, technologies, as well as keynote presentations by honorable guests of APCSC, industry leaders and experts of the Leadership Community.

    Presentations from the Winners of the CRE Award will be given, covering customer relationship best practices. Award winning companies from different service and technology sectors will showcase their innovations and customer loyalty successes.

    The goal of the Summit is to provide an International Platform for effective knowledge sharing and exemplary customer success leadership and show case for WORLD-CLASS service quality and Customer Relationship Excellence. The Summit is interactive. Conference participants, including attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors will have opportunities to share experience, knowledge and networking to establish close relationship in this Customer Relationship Excellence community.

    Through the Summit and the Customer Relationship Excellence Award, APCSC promotes Customer Relationship as a core business value in international cities across Asia Pacific and to recognize companies, business units, teams, and individuals that have contributed to the success of both their customers and the organizations that they serve.