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APCSC Endorsed Conference

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Conference endorsed byAPCSC

  • World Chief Service Officer Summit 2013

  • Customer Retention and Experience Management by Marcus Evans, Shanghai, China

  • Marketing Excellence Forum by Marcus Evans, Mumbai, India

  • Customer Management Asia Congress 2006 by Marcus Evans, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • CRM Analytics & Performance Measurement, Singapore

  • 10th International Conference on ISO 9000 & TQM, Shanghai, China

  • Customer Contact World by Terriipinn, Hong Kong, Singapore, KL

  • International Conference of ISO9000 and TQM, Thailand

  • HelpDesk2000 Symposium, USA

  • APCSC Customer Relationship Summit, Shanghai, China

  • CRM Senior Executive Forum, Hong Kong, Taiwan

  • Taiwan Call Center Development Association Conference, Taiwan

  • Monitor and Measure Customer Satisfaction Conference by Asia Business Forum, Singapore

  • CRM Telecom Conference by IIR, Hong Kong

  • Asia Pacific Metering, Billing and CRM/CIS by Synergy, Shanghai, KL, Singapore

  • Call Center Conference by Knowledge Group, KL

  • CRM, Data Mining and Data Warehouse by Hong Kong ET Business College, Hong Kong

  • Customer Service Management by Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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