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畢業於美國加州柏克萊大學(University of California, Berkeley)工業工程及營運研究系學士及碩士,朱先生現擔任美國加州大學校友會主席、香港科技大學客席講師,經常獲邀擔任國際會議演講嘉賓關於顧客關係管理及客服中心策略管理培訓。











Tom Mehrmann is the Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong’s marine life and animal theme park, which hosts more than seven million visitors annually. Founded in 1977, Ocean Park is a not-for-profit statutory body. 

Mr. Mehrmann started his career in the theme park industry in 1977 at Knott’s Berry Farm in the United States as a sweeper, cleaning the Park grounds. From there, he spent the next 21 years progressively working through various management and leadership roles, eventually becoming Vice President of Park Operations and Entertainment in 1996.

In 1998, he joined Six Flags Marine World as Vice President and General Manager, and later accepted an appointment as VP and GM of Warner Brothers Movie World in Madrid, Spain, when the park was taken over by Six Flags in 2000. He was responsible for the design, development, construction and operation of the US$380 million Madrid Movie World, which opened in April 2002, with revenues of US$75 million a year.

Since joining Ocean Park in 2004, he has directed the activities of the Park to achieve nine record breaking years of attendance, revenue and surplus, while leading the effort of defining the HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP) for the future Ocean Park. The 6 year MRP broke ground in late 2006 and was completed in July 2012 on time, on budget and with exceptional quality. The MRP has successfully transformed Hong Kong’s People’s Park into a leading world-class family travel destination. The previously launched new themed areas have also helped Ocean Park attract a record high of 7.44 million guests for the calendar year ended 31 December 2012.

Highlighting the growth and evolution of Ocean Park under Mr. Mehrmann’ s direction, the Park became the first Asia recipient of the prestigious “Applause Award”, the most significant recognition within the global attractions industry recognizing a theme park for its foresight, originality and sound business development.    The industry authorities, Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM, in the 2011 TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report, ranked Ocean Park Hong Kong as the world’s number 11, Asia Pacific’s number four, and China’s number one, theme park in terms of annual attendance.

In 2008/2009, Mr Mehrmann was named the “CEO of The Year” in the Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence Award. In 2007, Mr. Mehrmann was presented with the Executive Award of the DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards 2007. He was also named Director of the Year by the Hong Kong Institute of Directors in 2006.

 Mr. Mehrmann also devotes efforts to the community and to promoting tourism development in Hong Kong by serving in the following positions under the organizations below: 

-     Vice Chair of the Advisory Committee of the School of Hotel & Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

-     Member of the Advisory Committee on Hotel & Tourism Management of the School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Aug 1, 2012 to Jul 31, 2014)

-     Committee Member of the Travel/Tourism Committee of the Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

-     Member of the Hong Kong Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong

-     Member of the American Chamber of Commerce

-     Advisory Committee Member of the Tourism Orientation Programme of the Hong Kong Tourism Board

-     Sector/Subject Specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation

-     Member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Strategic Planning Committee

-     Member of the IAAPA Asian Advisory Committee

-     Member of the HKSAR Public Affairs Forum

A graduate of the California State University, Fullerton, Mr. Mehrmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He also completed the Advanced Courses organized by IAAPA in Theme Park Management at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


本Help Desk Institute行政總裁


Tatsumi Yamashita, a Founder and CEO of HDI-Japan is one of the most influenced leaders in Japan and Asia support service arena. He developed Contact Center Benchmarking in 2006, this has been the biggest benchmarking database in Asia Pacific. The Benchmarking grade all evaluated 1,000 centers to four rankings: 3 Star, 2 Star, 1 Star and No Star, therefor it is well-known as the ‘Michelin Red Guide’ the customer service industry.

Tatsumi Yamashita has 25 years support industry experience and has developed several help desks and support centers throughout Japan. In 1999, he became the first Japanese HDI intern and has since studied advanced support principles in the U.S. that could be applied toward the advancement of Japanese support environments. He finally established HDI-Japan in 2001 based on the strong demand of Japanese support service industries and he is working as CEO of HDI-Japan with many HDI members and partners in Japan/Philippines now. Prior to joining HDI, he was a director of IT Strategy at Yanase the biggest GM/Mercedes distributer in Japan, and was the first Helpdesk manager at Pfizer Japan Inc. Tatsumi graduated from Shinshu University in Nagano, at the center of Japan.

HDI-Certified Auditor since 2001
HDI-Certified Instructor since 2001
HDI Intl. Standards Committee since 1999
Japan Information-Technology Engineers Examination Center (JITEC) since 1995

Mr. Hennie Heymans,
DHL Express South Africa

演講題目:Straight to the Top Strategy for Effective Leadership & Organizational Development


Hennie Heymans is the Managing Director for South Africa DHL Express.
Heymans, who joined DHL Express thirteen years ago, was in his previous position responsible for the Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (CENIO) region. In his role as MD, this supply chain professional and international shipping specialist looks after the South African business division and ensures that the region lives up to the brand’s global reputation and service standards.
His responsibilities include ensuring excellent customer service and support levels, for both local and international clients. Heymans has been instrumental in driving change and implementing new innovative processes and strategies for the company.  His top priorities for 2015 as Managing Director will be to continue to grow market share, particularly within the SME industry, and to ensure that various service-related initiatives are launched in order to better service this market. He will also ensure that the South African division maintains their certification of excellence for the 2015 period.
Prior to his current role, he served as the Managing Director for Olivetti Lexikon, and as the FM and GM for Multichoice Africa in South Africa.
Heymans is highly passionate about his employees and regards employee satisfaction as a key component to cultivating business commercial success. He is married with two children.

Mr. Shalilatharash Jalil
AIA Bhd.

Topic: AIA Digital Platform Revolution

Shalilatharash Jalil is the Head of Distribution Technology of AIA Bhd. Shalil was part of the Senior Leadership Team that oversaw the integration of AIA’s businesses in Malaysia following the company’s acquisition of ING Malaysia, the largest M&A in Malaysia’s insurance sector.

He is responsible to drive AIA’s pioneering innovative distribution technology - Interactive Point-of-Sales (iPoS). This industry-changing iPad-based solution enables AIA’s Life Planners to submit policy applications electronically, transforming the way AIA does business. Under his leadership, iPoS has won multiple global technology awards, including Model Insurer Asia Awards and Asia Insurance Technology Awards.

Shalil has 15 years of experience across multiple industries where he has had roles in project management, application management, IT strategic planning and operations support. He believes that game-changing technology solutions can be achieved by striking the right balance between meeting business needs and technology innovation, supported by a strong marketing and communications strategy.



演講題目:以客為本 延展關愛

Rosa Ho is the Customer Services Controller of HK Electric Co., Ltd. She oversees the Customer Centre and Call Centre operation for serving 570,000 customers. The operation covers customer enquiries and requests on customer accounts matters. In addition to her over 15 years experience in leading the team in delivering excellent services to customers, she has substantial experience in implementing various system and service enhancement projects, including revamp of customer information system, various Call Centre related systems, smartphone Apps, SMS enquiry services and caring services for the minority. Rosa also works on customer communication and develops diversified customer engagement programmes to succeed and achieve service excellence.




Gerard Prendergast is Professor of Marketing, Head of Department, and Associate Dean in the School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University. He previously held faculty positions in a variety of countries, having taught Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Africa and the Middle East. His research focuses on marketing communications and he has published in journals such as the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Psychology & Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Personality and Individual Differences, Public Relations Review and the European Journal of Marketing. He is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Advertising, and is on the editorial boards of several leading journals. In has received awards from the Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, the American Academy of Advertising and Emerald Literati. The Journal of Advertising ranks him 13th in the world in terms of advertising research productivity.

Malou Caluza女士

QNet Ltd.首席市場官

演講題目: 糅合多渠道、應用程式及社交媒體整合推動全球電子商貿


Ms. Malou Caluza has been in the Customer Service industry for more than 20 fruitful years. At present, she is one of QNET’s key top management people who focuses and works hard in effectively combining deep commitment to charitable pursuits and high-octane sports sponsorships, winning internal and external customer engagement, and the marketing and sales of quality lifestyle products and services. To also further testify her passion and commitment to the Customer Service industry, her latest achievements include:

  • APCSC CRM Director of the Year Award, Hong Kong
  • APCSC Global Support Services of the Year, Hong Kong
  • APCSC Integrated Support Team of the Year, Hong Kong
  • APCSC Best Use of Knowledge Management, Hong Kong
  • Contact Center World Best Contact Center (In-House) , Asia Pacific Category, Singapore
  • Contact Center World Best Contact Center Executive in the Asia Pacific category, Singapore
  • Contact Center World Best Contact Center (In-House) , World Category, Las Vegas Nevada USA
  • Contact Center World Best Executive in the World category, Las Vegas Nevada USA.

Malou’s signature has always been one of her favorite priceless possessions. She believes that it is a reflection of her hard work, personality and convictions.  Her personal signature always follows the inspiring closing, “In service”. This explains her winning success formula.



演講題目: 2015科技趨勢

Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and increasingly the Internet of Things (IoT) have become driving forces behind rapid evolution of digital businesses. Dr. Lawrence Wong will highlight the latest research findings published by Accenture on five emerging technology trends and explain how they affect our business world.

為我互聯: 商業高度定制化。
成果經濟: 硬體締造實際成果。
平臺革命: 新生態、新產業。
智慧企業: 超大資料、智慧系統
員工再造: 人與機器無間合作。

王志榮博士擁有近30年在全球頂尖諮詢公司及綜合性大型企業的工作經歷, 他在資訊技術、客戶關係管理、人力資源、財務、供應鏈管理等領域都有豐富的實戰經驗。王博士曾任職埃森哲管理諮詢公司, 擔任資料服務部大中華區董事總經理, 並在四年間成功組建及管理一支超過170人的全球管理諮詢團隊, 致力於資料分析、供應鏈管理、業務流程管理和變革管理等諮詢業務,在此期間他不僅為公司創造了卓越的績效,並成功培養一群企業專才轉型為諮詢管理顧問,且團隊敬業度指標大幅超越全球平均值。
王博士亦曾在電訊盈科、畢馬威諮詢、和記電訊等國際知名企業擔任副總裁、助理總監和高級經理,在ERPCRM和資料分析(Analytics)應用方面成就卓著, 亦曾成功領導專家小組實施多個國內重大的ERP/CRM項目。當中成功協助電訊盈科從企業IT部門, 成功轉型為諮詢及系統集成公司, 雄霸在中國電信市場的ERP實施項目,在合同總額達5億的多個全國性ERP項目, 任實施方案總設計師和交流組組長, 是各ERP專案中的靈魂人物。王博士是一位能夠應用新興技術及管理理論幫助企業管理者的專家, 通過梳理業務流程、加強內部管控、提高運營效能來優化整體業務運營。王博士經常在國內就業務流程重整及IT應用演講,對如何利用先進資訊科技和現代化管理方法以改善營運效率,有廣泛的實戰經驗。他能結合電信行業、資訊科技及IP的專業知識,給客戶提供綜合IT&T服務以強化運營效率及拓展嶄新商機,協助不同行業之企業及機構進行資訊化轉型。



演講題目: 流動互聯網時代的知識管理雲端平臺




演講題目: 金融服務業中達致傑出顧客關係及體驗策略


Michael Fong is based in Hong Kong and responsible for driving the Customer Experience efforts in the region and the Customer Services function in Hong Kong. Michael joined Fidelity in November 2007 and held various roles within the business and operations.

Prior to joining Fidelity he served as the Head of Retail for E*Trade Financial in Asia, where he was responsible for building and expanding the retail business. In addition, Michael has also worked at CITIC Ka Wah Bank in Hong Kong and the TD Bank Financial Group in Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has over 18 years of experience in the financial industry where he has gained extensive experiences across various functions including operations, business analysis and client relations.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial and Management Science from the University of Manitoba, Canada and an Executive MBA degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University, Canada.








演講題目: 海洋公司是最佳企業雇主

Mimi Fu has a diverse working background with years of working experiences in Hong Kong, Greater China, and South East Asia regions in the areas of Learning and Development and Sales and Marketing of the hospitality industry. Mimi has worked extensively with different industries, gaining concrete working experiences professionally from many different organizations or industries.

Mimi currently is the Director of Learning and Development for Hong Kong Ocean Park Corporation. Some of her major responsibilities inclusive but not exhaustive of the development of leadership programs for executive and management teams, coordination of executive coaching for executive team, succession planning / talent management initiatives, individual development planning, staff incentive and recognition programs, performance appraisal and objectives settings, and many other organizational development initiatives of Ocean Park. She also looks after the internal communication. Mimi works extensively with external HR consultants on various consultancy works such as the development competency model, communication study, and formulation of partnering charter, performance management system, and engagement survey and so on. Mimi works closely with Line departments to truly capture the business issues, over tailor-made training courses and work supporting programs or resolutions ensuring the sustainability and growths of the business.




演講題目: 網上分析及數碼推廣




演講題目: 流暢的遙距醫療服務!

Mr. Chan began his career in the Healthcare industry in 2002. He has accumulated significant Sales and Client Service experience in a senior post in a publicly listed healthcare company until he started his own business providing consultancy services to medical groups in 2007. The company’s management services cover Hong Kong, Macau and PRC. In addition, Mr. Chan’s management services reach APAC regional through AA International – a regional assistance service provider with global network support.
Mr. Chan currently is responsible for the operations of The Specialist Consortium Limited. The company works with a group of elite specialists focusing on high-end healthcare service in Hong Kong and China.








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