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Winners of the 2013 Hong Kong International Expo Innovation Awards

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  • Dynamic Direct Marketing Campaign - Tripolis Solutions

“We are greatly honored to receive the award for ‘Best Dynamic Direct Marketing Campaign’. With this campaign we show that the moment of launching an e-marketing campaign as the deciding factor for its content, belongs to the past. With dynamic e-marketing the moment of opening or reading is decisive. It is an innovative and logical development that will bring the worldwide e-marketing business a step closer to the future. Winning this prestigious Expo Innovation Award not only shows the success of our long-term efforts in developing this innovative software, it also enables a new way of e-mailing for marketers worldwide: email 3.0.”

Mr. Joost Nienhuis, CEO

Tripolis Solutions BV

  • Contact Center Process Automation System - Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.


“We’re delighted to be recognized as the recipient for the Expo Innovation Award for the Contact Center Process Automation Category. This award is a testament of our commitment to research and development in ensuring we continue to offer solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our customers throughout Asia. Combined with the 24 years of local deployment experience brought by our reseller partner, Continuous Technologies (CTIL), customers can be assured they will get the most from our unified IP business communications solutions, which include our innovative business process automation application, Interaction Process Automation™. We’re especially excited about IPA because it enables our customers to leverage their existing Interactive Intelligence communications infrastructure to cost-effectively deploy an application that increases the speed, quality and effectiveness of business processes for improved efficiencies, lower costs and better service.”

Ms. Rachel Wentink, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives Interactive Intelligence

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