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About HK International CRE & Innovation Expo Awards

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The Hong Kong International Customer Relationship Excellence & Innovation Expo Awards (International CRE & Innovation Expo Awards) is aiming at providing a cross industry platform for firms to “open up, communicate and collaborate,” to expand international markets, achieve collaboration, and showcase innovative solutions.  In the Expo, focusing on above themes, outstanding firms from around the world display, share and build a prestigious community platform to cooperate and create more business opportunities. Senior leaders from government, organizations, enterprises, research leaders and professionals from different industries share frontier problems regarding present and future business model development, pay close attention to create CRE & Innovation, business ideas, global competitiveness and challenges. The CRE Innovation Expo Awards is dedicated to Regional & International firms providing innovative products, services and solutions with good customer references, to strengthen the corporate brand in the industry, and develop a sustainable business development strategy in Asia-Pacific region. Firms are assessed through introduction of product or service, business case presentation, summary and write- up, customer reference and customer satisfaction assessment. All the winners are awarded a trophy and certification from APCSC & HKCSC Expo Organizing Committee.

Themes of HK International CRE Innovation Expo Awards 2019

Focusing on the below themes, outstanding companies and organizations from China and overseas will display and share, in order to build up a prestigious platform to communicate, cooperate and create more business opportunities.

  • Big Data, Mobile, Digital, Social and Cloud

  • CRM, contact center, BPO, eCom & Artificial Intelligence

You may participate as our sponsor, exhibitor or visitor through the online registration to develop and extend your international business network and corporation.


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