Key to Achieve Customer Relationship Excellence -

Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick ,Well Born and H-Privilege)

In this knowledge email, we would like to share how Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick ,Well Born and H-Privilege), the winner of 2017 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards in the category of "Corporate Environmental Leadership of the Year (Property Management)" and "Customer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Property Management)", achieves Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards for Sixteen Consecutive Years.

Customer Oriented

  • We set out our great prospective as “to become the premier of Real Estate and Assets Management Institution”, a top service brand in the property & facility management industry at which we can offer high quality service that accepted by the public.

  • Henceforth, various task groups are set up to improve operational efficiency and provide customers with excellent services, thus to enhance both internal and external satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Marketing

  • For external, we held lots of interactive activities such as owner tea gathering and other social events including New Year gatherings, Christmas party to have joyful sharing among residents.

  • Launch the loyalty program for early bird access to specific show flats of selected Henderson Land properties and property-related privileges, promotional offers on leisure & entertainment, health & beauty, home & living and travel & hotels at Henderson Land Group’s subsidiaries.

Corporate Environmentl Leadership

  • Our staff are equipped with the most up-to-date information regarding the environmental knowledge and news through monthly newsletter on internal web to extend personal awareness on environmental protection.

  • As to the external, we proactively involved in all those activities in every aspect including but not limited sponsorship, participation, support and promotion.

  • We have sponsored “Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program”. It is encourageable that we have collected 250 kg of red pockets for reuse in 2017.

  • We actively participated various kind of activities. “Green Power Hike for a Green Future” is an annual title event we participated.

Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick ,Well Born and H-Privilege) received the trophies and certificates of 2017
International CRE Awards


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"It’s a distinct honor to receive the CRE Awards for 16 consecutive years, and we are pleased to be awarded ‘Customer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Property Management)’ & ‘Corporate Environmental Leadership of the Year (Property Management)’ by the APCSC. ‘Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick, Well Born & H-Privilege)’ has been achieving numerous ‘CRE Awards’ in Customer Services and other achievements over the years. These achievements have fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in premium property management services. It not only served as a proof of customer’s recognition, but also a great encouragement to motivate us to attain even better performance. Henderson Land Group Property Management Department will be upholding its management philosophy – ‘Interactive Services for Quality Management’ in the future. APCSC keeps up the market by launching different categories of CRE Awards to motivate the corporates to develop in different aspects should be esteemed."

Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP,

Executive Director

Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.