George Makriyiannis

Founder & Managing Director

Omen Pte Ltd

George Makriyiannis is the Founder and Managing Director of Omen Pte. Ltd, a Singapore based technology solutions company. He started Omen after fifteen years of business and technology experience in leadership positions in multiple industries and across geographies. The company works with advanced technologies such as Graph, Blockchain and Digital Tools to build software applications, and offers strategic consultancy services.

George has held several senior management positions at NCR Corporation covering Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, and previously worked for Willis Towers Watson in the USA. He was recognized for a number of strategic achievements including opening new geographic markets and transforming challenged markets with the introduction of software and services.

George is a member of the Singapore Fintech Association and an active member of the Singapore Fintech community. He frequently participates in industry events to continuously learn, and also share his ideas and experiences with the community.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management with specialization on Decision and Information Systems from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business and a Masters in Computer and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.