John Rocca

Director CX (Customer Experience), Priority Red

John Rocca is a leader with a passion for challenge. Someone who mixes his creative and technical backgrounds to achieve innovative yet methodical success.
With numerous number one dance music and other pop hit records through 1980-1993, John was highly successful in his first - somewhat entrepreneurial venture - as a manager, singer songwriter and record producer. It can certainly be argued that it was here when he gained and honed much of his broad business, financial, marketing, project management and legal experience as well as developing his skills in managing tight deadlines and ‘difficult personalities’.

After a successful career sidestep into Global IT and Telecoms in the nineties, John arrived in Malaysia in 1999 tasked with the start up and roll out of sales and operations in Asia Pacific for Intec Billing (now CSG). John successfully grew Intec’s Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) business from one person to over 250, from one small office to multiple offices across the region and from a virtually unknown vendor in 2000 to a team that sold and delivered over 70 systems into over 50 Telcos right across the Asia Pacific region.

More recently John designed and vigorously executed a 1 year ICT improvement program for PETRONAS that included multiple projects across all their ICT Delivery Units (DUs) as well as Back Office Support and Group IT teams. The program included collection of User feedback, analysis and dissemination of issues, Business Process Improvements and suggestions for other global Best Practices. This role saw John embedded in the review of almost the entire suite of PETRONAS’ ICT products and services from the perspective of both the Users and DUs, and, as the most key and critical catalyst and driver for change.
John Rocca has a First Class Honours Degree in Information Technology with Spanish, from Middlesex University London, England.