Sudesh Thevasenabathy

Head of Customer Care Management
AXA Hong Kong


Sudesh Thevasenabathy brings with him more than 15 years of experience specialising in customer experience, process efficiencies and change management across multiple industries including telecommunications, consumer products, manufacturing, banking as well as more recently insurance, through his tenures with HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch before joining AXA Hong Kong four years ago.

In his current role, Sudesh is Head of Customer Care Management at AXA Hong Kong where is manages and run all th. In a previous role, he led a company-wide customer centricity and experience programme delivering numerous customer experience enhancements through the deployment of rapid and agile approaches which have translated to immediate and significant changes throughout. This transversal programme covers both customer experience improvements and employee culture change. The radical approach in enhancing customer experience resulted in AXA Hong Kong winning 2016 APCSC CRE Awards for Best Customer Experience Managemene customer contact Teams across the Life, Health and General Insurance business, as well as driving key customer touchpoint improvementst of the Year.