Yvonne Liow

Vice President

Luxaviation Asia Pte Ltd.

Born in Singapore, Yvonne is a 2nd generation of overseas Chinese, the 23rd generation of descendants from the famous Chinese family name, Gong-Sun. Her direct ancestral line were generations of Chinese generals, with her great grandfather as a state governor during the late Qing Dynasty era.

Yvonne graduated with double degrees of both Masters of Science in Marketing and Executive Masters of Science (Marketing) in year 2005, from The City University of New York, Zicklin School of Business and Baruch College.

As the first Asian and Chinese on board Luxaviation in year 2014, Yvonne is the first Vice-President in this newly created role for her in the world-class renowned business aviation operation. Her aviation group has since grown into the persistent ranking as the 2nd largest aviation operator globally, with a total fleet size of over 260 aircraft, 25 Fixed Base Operations (FBOs),14 maintenance Operations (MROs), and 14 civil aviation regulatory of Air Operating Certificates (AOCs).

She engages with her group in focus of general business development and growth, especially in Asia. Scopes of her professional areas include: corporate strategizing, negotiations, strategic partnerships & collaborations, marketing, and turnkeys. She advises too on local adaptation to the Asian business cultures, bridges the Eastern and Western business worlds, including between Asians. Yvonne is a main turn-key and translator in Asia’s cross-border negotiations, with her track record of the only one being named by her CEO, as the business developer in the investors negotiation team, head-started and led to a very successful first Asian major strategic partnership with China Minsheng Investment Corp (CMI). CMI is one of the world’s wealthiest Chinese group and is a shareholder of her aviation group now.

Armed with extensive macro-business experiences and with her very own professional close-knit relationships with crucial high net worth network, governmental, business partners and resources, Yvonne gives speeches regionally at country-level of trades and state invitations. She has TV, digital and print interviews of media exposure in regional business news. She attained several personal regional awards in her name, a recognition of her achievements in aviation and branding. She is an active player in some of the world’s business arenas; many of her peers are long-time friends.

Sought after by high societies, she can be seen walking the red carpets of private and public events. A jet-setter, Yvonne continues to lead in all areas of high-level business development and closed-door negotiations.

Prior to joining Luxaviation, Yvonne was the Founder and President of her affluent network company and an aviation brokerage company in North Asia. She had connected international business collaborations, brokerage mergers and acquisitions, organized luxurious business and aviation events in the Chinese-dominated north Asia regions. Yvonne’s other business & career paths milestones previously included being the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a public listed company and a licensed holder for international casinos marketing. She is the Honorary Director on board the ASEAN-China Commerce Association.