CSQS Winners & Testimonials

“Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick and Well Born) with CSQS Certification Distinction, has been achieved various kinds of Awards presented by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium over the past years. This is a solid recognition and affirmation for our professional services. In the future, our professional team will uphold our commitment – ‘customer-oriented’ and continue to strive for excellence to offer quality and premium property management services for our customer.”

Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP
Executive Director
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

“Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick and Well Born) with CSQS Certification Distinction, has been achieved var ious kinds of Awards presented by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium over the past years. This is a solid recognition and affirmation for our professional services. In the future, our professional team will uphold our commitment ‘customer orien ted’ and continue to strive for excellence to offer quality and premium property management services for our customer.”
Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP
Executive Director
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

As a telecommunication company we understand what we provide is more than technology but people-oriented service----to communicate and connect people’s heart and passion via just-in-time service.


In 2018 we are awarded the highest honor ‘Customer Relationship Excellence – Outstanding Achievement’ by the APCSC (Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium). ‘Best Customer Experience Management of the Year’, ‘Customer Experience Center of the Year’, ‘Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year’, ‘Contact center of the Year’, ‘Online Customer Service of the Year’, ‘Customer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year’. These awards recognized our achievements in customer services and shows FET’s brand commitment and service philosophy: Closing the Distance is implemented in the process and the experience.


This year by passing CSQS certification means that the FET's service experience is well received in customers' eyes. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with amazing, first-rate service and continue to think more for customers!

Mr. Euripides Cho
Far EasTone Telecommunications

"Hang Lung Properties is honored to receive the CSQS Level 3 Certification presented by APCSC this year. This reaffirms the commitment and continuous efforts we have made to provide excellent customer service. Academy 66, the Learning & Development Department of Hang Lung was first established in 2012 based on the International Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Model. By implementing CSQS model, we are able to systemize and optimize our training function, promote corporate culture and values, and remain competitive in the labour market. Living up to the business philosophy of We Do It Right, Hang Lung sees every staff member as our valuable assets and we have dedicated significant resources for staff training and development program. This is not only beneficial to the individual career development of the staff but is also essential for the sustainable development of the Company."

Mr. Edward Lo
Head, Learning & Development
Hang Lung Properties

“Celki VitalAire is delighted to receive ‘People Site Certification’, ‘CSQS Level 2 Certification’ and ‘CRE Awards for Best Customer Experience Management of the Year (Healthcare)’ from Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium.  As a new comer, the whole process had been a challenging one but rewarding. The CSQS has given us a solid structure to assess our service organization and enable us to prioritize our effort to excel in our service level in this dynamic market.  These awards have reassured our commitment in delivering customer centric service and recognition of the effort from our colleagues in order to achieve the ultimate goal - improving the ‘Quality of Life’ of our customers.”

Mr. Alfred Tang
Director of Service
Celki VitalAire

“This is the fifth consecutive year that Nexusguard has scooped the CSQS Award. The recognition is a testimony of Nexusguard's service philosophy to provide customers with caring, attentive and very personable services. To accommodate our regional growth, we continue to focus on recruiting and talent attraction strategies to strengthen our customer service and cybersecurity platform development teams in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We aim to expand and perfect our service offerings across the 360° Cybersecurity Platform to ensure the 24x7 uptime of our customers with customized solutions and expertise.”

Ms. Vanessa Chen
Chief Strategy Officer

 “Adhering to ‘enthusiasm, service, integrity, caring ─ be your safest best friend’ business philosophy, Taiwan Life sets business goals, strategies, work plans to provide high quality services. Combined with a strong team work and performance, the excellent services meet customers’ needs and gain their high satisfaction. Receiving the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Certificate from APCSC proves Taiwan Life’s high quality services. Thanks APCSC for giving us guidance, we've all benefited. Looking ahead, Taiwan Life will carry on with our business philosophy to achieve the objective of high quality and excellent services.”

Ms. Sheu Ruey Jen
Vice General Manager
Taiwan Life Customer Service Centre

“Through continuous efforts, China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. for the first time has received the highest level of Customer Service Quality Standard from APCSC representing the highest honor. This certification is a recognition for the service level we have maintained over the years. In the future, CPIC will center around the goal of ‘focusing on customer needs, improving customer interface and enhancing customer experience’, further drive the strategic transformation towards ‘customer orientation’, advocate and realize the sustainable growth of our corporate values.”

Mr. Yang Xiaoling
Vice President & Chief Operation Officer
China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd

"The CSQS has a significant advantage over other standards in the fact that it focuses on the core value of customer relationship excellence. The CSQS ties together years of research, benchmarking measurement, best practices and business case studies, enabling the CSQS to create customer life-time value and address bottom-line issues that affect the overall business performance of the organization."

Dr. George Huang
Professor, University of Hong Kong
Joint-project leader for the CSQS

"The CSQS is a robust and solid platform, enabling organizations to enhance and improve their customer service processes. The standard has been in development for many years and we are pleased to introduce the CSQS to businesses here in Singapore. I am confident that businesses in Singapore can learn a great deal from the standard, since many market leaders in Hong Kong and Taiwan are already adopting it and leveraging on the benefits."

Dr. Roger Jiao, Assistant Professor
School of Mechanical & Production Engineering
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

"Through promoting and implementing the four areas of CSQS: management responsibility, resource management, process management, performance management, with plan-do-check-action cycle, the customer service industry could improve the overall service quality and performance. The CSQS could also help the outsourcing sector to achieve clienteles’ business outsourcing service level agreement, strengthen their competitiveness, and enhance their profitability!"

Mr. Deng-Song Chiou
Taiwan Teleservices and Technologies

“APCSC’s presentation on CSQS is unprecedented. Basing on the cross-fertilized ICSS from Australia, Hong Kong and USA, the CSQS set an excellent framework for the pursuit of service excellence. This is particularly important for a developing country like Thailand when the economic focus is shifting from manufacturing to service.”

Professor Sam Ho
Founder Chair
International Conference on ISO9000 and TQM

“CSQS can be a very useful tool for those organizations complementing TQM, especially on efforts towards customer focus. Even though ISO9001:2000 stresses on Focus on Customer, but CSQS provides more details on what to focus on customer.”

Dr. Mohd. Azman Idris
Senior Consultant, Standards & Quality Industry Services Department
SIRIM Berhad of Malaysia

“We are honoured to receive the certification of Customer Service Quality Standard. It demonstrates Exel's strong commitment in providing world-class services to our customers. We will continue to strive for excellence in exceeding customers' expectation and enhance service standards in the logistics industry.”

Mr Victor Mok
Managing Director
East Asia, Exel

"We are very honoured to receive the Best-in-Class ’CustomerService Level Management’ Award from the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. In recent years, SUNDAY has launched a number of initiatives designed to improve quality across all facets of its business. This award recognizes the effort we have made to improve overall customers' experience with SUNDAY. As we rollout full-fledged multimedia services, SUNDAY's customers should experience improving Customer Service quality excellence and a suite of comprehensive Customer Care solutions."

Mr. Bruce Hicks
Group Managing Director
SUNDAY Communications Limited

"The contribution of the introduction of CSQS to telecom service provider is three fold. Firstly, this validates and recognizes the ongoing passion and effort in searching the excellent customer service standards within the daily call center operation. Secondly, it represents a pioneer effort to practically recognize the impact and usefulness of CSQS standard in supporting the call center auditing and continuous improvement. Finally, the implementation of various analysis methods enables telecom service provider to perform even better of the customer service management in the competitive environment in both Hong Kong and China."

Simon Lau
Unit Manager, Customer Service
New World Telecommunications Limited

"People say service is an art because it is hard to define and measure, not to mention how damaging it can be when service level fluctuates. But with APCSC and its best-illustrated examples, art is turned into science with CSQS and more importantly, with its advocacy of knowledge management. Knowledge management have continuous impact on business and the enterprise and it will certainly further propel knowledge-based leadership to new heights.
APCSC is also an international organization with strict educational standards and a big heart: it not only embraces all market leaders from various industries but also spares no effort in helping those that are striving to upgrade their service level from good to excellent, ultimately to turn their customer service center into a strategic business unit."

Marian Xiao
CRM Manager
AIA Guangzhou, China

"Once again, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation of APCSC. The experiences and processes with CSQS helped us a lot to reinforce the good practices and give us a strong benckmark in customer services."

Edward Hui
Deputy General Manager
Exel (HK) Ltd

“Since the establishment in 1997, Well Born has adopted an interactive approach in providing customer-oriented quality property management service to our clients. We are honored to be the first awardee in the property management industry to receive the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) certificate awarded by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. The accreditation once again proved that our service excels professional standards. In future, we will strive for continual improvement and deliver higher quality service to our clients.”

Mr. Sze Wing Luen, Wesley
Deputy General Manager
Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

“Pacific Satellite has always leaded the market in terms of developing and deploying new technologies in satellite communication, broadband technologies or digital TV set-top boxes. In the past, our service approach focus on technical problem solving and system proper function for our customers, and less aware of the total customer service requirements. We did not integrate the customer service function as an intrinsic part of our total business strategy.

We have benefited a lot after joining the CSQS Program,. Not only have we integrated the latest customer service concept and techniques, the CSQS consultants also have helped us to identify areas for improvement, such as internal and inter-departmental communications and performance tracking. We have further enhanced our CRM system with more integration with other operating systems. Our customer service team now achieves more results from regular review meetings with a positive thinking approach. I have seen increasing service incomes. More importantly, I see improvement in employee morale as well as the growth of our customer satisfactory level.”

Mr. Joseph Yeung
Managing Director
Pacific Satellite International Ltd.

"One of the core business values of CASCADE is to continuously pursue excellence in customer service. CASCADE's customer service operations is at world class standards, and we are always striving to be even better. With our high level of service quality, our customers don't have to worry about their IT and telecommunications infrastructure and can focus on the betterment of their own business. CSQS is the most comprehensive certification focusing on customer service quality on a world class level. I am honored that CASCADE has received the 'Customer Service Quality Standard Top Achievement', which further reinforces our commitment in customer service excellence."

Mr. Chan Wing-Wa
Managing Director

"Through the CCCA program, I have picked up the concept of world class call center standards and learnt how to streamline the business process in my call center. We applied the Best Practice by following the guidelines of CSQS. The implementation of these standards can definitely help us in building customer relations as well as future business development."

Daniel Lui
Customer Service Manager

"Certified Call Center Supervisor (CCCS) and Certified Call Center Analyst and Auditor (CCCA) courses helped me define our call center requirements and assisted in our vendor selection process. I was able to articulate our expectations, define targets we hope to meet and map processes which are required when supervising and monitoring call center performance. 
The auditing techniques which were presented in the course allow me to provide follow up to call activities and assist in planning our field needs as well as call center resources and requirements. We can be much more pro-active by analyzing the data being collected by our call centers, which will also assist us to improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
I found the courses to be highly effective and valuable. Course material was well prepared and organized. In addition, the facilitators overseeing the exercises and activities were excellent. I found the material to be very informative and it has provided a knowledge which I can apply in the future as well as today. I would highly recommend using HKCSC’s programs and courses. "

Cindy Foo
Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

"The CCCA program provides a detailed walk through of the Customer Service Quality Standard which gives me an opportunity to understand and plan ahead the quality improvement projects for our contact center. It definitely helps me to improve the service performance of our CS professionals."

Winnie Lai
Assistant Customer Service Manager
Exel (Hong Kong) Limited

“We have won the CSQS certification with the recognition of our work from APCSC. Through the CSQS accreditation process, we have learned the international standard of customer service. The standard enables our company to obtain a clear goal and sound methodology to refine our management system, to mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of the staff, to improve customer services and relationship, to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and other corporate management works. The CSQS certification is also an encouragement to the future work of the company. We will diligently implement the CSQS standard and better integrate it with our corporate culture, so that CSQS becomes an indispensable integral part of Chengzhong Garden’s DNA.” 
Mr. Mao Hongbo
Jiangsu Chengzhong Garden Co., Ltd

"Since Chunghwa Telecom participated and was honored with four categories of awards, including “Contact Center of the Year” in the “Customer Relationship Excellence Awards” organized by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium last year, it has been further awarded with the two honors of “Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year” and “Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year” in 2010, which demonstrates our company’s constant endeavors and determination towards enhancing service quality and offering stable quality services. Chunghwa Telecom has always strived towards the managing principles of “Dedication in the Telecom Industry, Emphasizing Professionalism, Enhancing Efficiency and Inspiring Service”. As for customer service, it has emphasized the commitments of “3Q: Quality, Quickly and Emotional Quotient”, so as to advance towards the goal of becoming a world-class contact center with best-in-class customer service. I would like to hereby thank the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium for its contribution towards the long-term promotion of the value of CSQS (Customer Service Quality Standard), and hope that we will be able to continue to enhance our customer service quality through this learning and sharing platform, so as to develop more outstanding customer relationships, and advance towards the vision of becoming the “most valuable and most reliable information, communication and telecommunication company."

Mr. Yi-Ching Chen
CEO of the Department of Customer Service
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

"As an organisation, we understand that if we want our customers to become advocates, customer service needs to be our number one priority and that it is the delivery of customer service excellence that creates an overall experience. In order to achieve this end, we strive to constantly internalise this focus and put measures into place that can actually demonstrate this commitment. Our dealings with customers are not treated on a transactional basis, but with the long-term value of our customer in mind. CSQS certification reflects the success of Dialog Telekom in creating a customer experience that is distinctive and valuable, one that goes beyond simple satisfaction, and takes service standards to a higher level.”

Ms. Sandra De Zoysa
Head of Customer Service & Contact Management
Dialog Telekom PLC.

"PCCW is devoted to creating industry's best customer experience with effective sales management, and there can be no greater affirmation than being recognized best in class in APCSC, the reputable customer service consortium in the Asia-Pacific region. We are honored by this recognition and pledge to work even harder to exceed our customers' expectations."

Peter Chan
Director of Call Center Sales
PCCW Limited

“It is our great honour to be here and get the award. Every member of the DHL team is committed to continuously exceed standards for customer service excellence. The Best-in-Class ‘Service Level Management’ Award is an encouragement and source of satisfaction, as the Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of our staff and their relentless pursuit of service excellence. The award also assures DHL’s efforts in continuous enhancement of our call center’s operations and investment in staff. It serves to inspire and encourage us to explore more service enhancement initiatives in future. Once again, thanks for AP Customer Service Consortium for giving us the award and their efforts in raising service excellence in service industry.”

Ms. Helen Chan
Customer Contact Centre Manager
DHL Express (Hong Kong) Limited

"Our Customers and our employees are our most valued assets. We strive to deliver World Class Customer Service and direct our journey in search of excellence along a path of continuous improvement. While aiming to delight our customers with the warmth of caring service, our teams are committed to unfailing compliance to quality standards, and best in class customer centric service delivery processes. Our investments achievement will encourage us to continue and improve our efforts in service delivery with single minded focus on the customer. We appreciate the support and guidance re in human resource development & performance management systems empower us to deliver sustainable performance across multiple service dimensions. This ceived from APCSC throughout our CSQS journey."

Ms. Sandra De Zoysa
Head of Customer Service & Contact Management
Dialog Telekom PLC.

"We are committed to our ‘get closer’ customer proposition and customer service has always been one of the three pillars of SmarTone’s business. SmarTone is honoured to be lauded by the APCSC as having the Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction Management. This award not only advances our market recognition for customer service excellence and consistency, but also encourages us to introduce further enhancements to extend our lead in customer service."

Mr. William Yeung
Director of Customers Division

"The provision of efficient and caring service to our growing family of customers is assigned central focus within the business and strategic plans of Dialog Telekom. The CSQS certification programme provided the company with a structured roadmap to the achievement of service excellence and regular benchmarking of the company's journey towards world-class standards in customer service. The achievement of CSQS certification reaffirms the company's continued commitment to continuous improvement and learning in the sphere of service delivery, and more importantly evidences the commitment and dedication of our service team to the delivery of best in class service to our customers."

Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya
Group Chief Executive
Dialog Telekom PLC.

“SUNDAY is extremely honoured to receive the CSQS Certificate. We have made a commitment to set the highest customer service standards in our industry, and it’s rewarding to be recognized for our efforts with such a prestigious certification. SUNDAY is embarking on an exciting journey to bring the world’s most advanced 3G services to Hong Kong. Our customer service must be excellent to ensure we consistently deliver a fun experience to our customers with this new technology. This certification is a testament to the dedication and innovation of not only our customer service team but all our staff across the company.”

Mr. Bruce Hicks
Group Managing Director
SUNDAY Communications Limited

“Clearly everyone at Advanced Contact Center (ACC) Thailand is thrilled to be awarded this important accolade which recognises the hard work and dedication from our staff in delivering the best in customer service excellence. Working toward this award has been a challenging but very rewarding experience for ACC. We have learned a lot by working with Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium and especially the CEO, Mr. Jason Chu. We have shared so much useful information and indispensable experiences together. This has allowed us to identify best practice and also helped us understand what we need to do to further develop our customer experience. At the center of this award has been genuine friendship between participants and organisers and a mutual willingness to support and share customer service excellence and best practice with each other.”

Ms. Jaiporn Srisakul
Managing Director
Advanced Contact Center Co., Ltd.

“New World Telecom (NWT) is honoured to receive the Best-in-Class ‘Service Level Management’ Award this year. NWT is committed to deliver an array of diversified IP and telecom services that satisfy different communications needs of consumers and business customers. This revitalizes their lives while enabling them to stay ahead in today’s dynamic business environment. Our service standards and commitment in pursuing service excellence compose the Service Level Management. Moreover, regular benchmarking with both local and international competitors ensures our consistency in delivering quality, timely service efficiently to our customers. We believe that quality customer services are our competitive advantage. This certainly will win the trust from our valued-customers and bring our company sustainable growth.”

Ms. Anita Tam
General Manager, Customer Service
New World Telecom

“Hong Kong CSL is delighted to be recognised as ‘Best in Class’ for its ‘Personalised Service Management’. In today’s highly competitive mobile communications market, personalised customer service is essential in maintaining long-term customer relationships. By using an integrated CRM solution — eCRMä, in which sales, customer service, marketing, service provisioning, billing and planning are incorporated into one single platform, CSL is able to better understand customer needs and effectively develop timely, personalised marketing programmes. In addition, our well-trained Customer Ambassadors provide professional advice and personalised service to further enhance customer satisfaction. CSL will continue to provide the best service and be the benchmark for the industry.”

Ms. Charlotte Chin
General Manager, Customer Relationship Management
Hong Kong CSL Limited

"It is a great honor for NOKIA to receive the Best-in-Class recognitions of ‘Service Level Management’ for our China team in Guangzhou Contact Center, and ‘Multi Lingual Service Management’ for our Singapore Team in Kuala Lumpur Contact Center. Our global Contact Center network handles tens of millions consumer contacts yearly and they are in central role in driving our customer satisfaction. We have pride ourselves in developing our contact center network in the most efficient and effective way, and these awards are testimonial to our efforts. Our aim is that our customers feel always connected, satisfied, safe and confident throughout the whole lifecycle of their mobile device usage."

Ms. Sharon Lee
Director, Contact Center Services

"Providing our customers with a best in class service experience is a paradigm central to the business ethos of the Dialog Telekom Group. Securing CSQS Level 3 certification and Best in Class recognition in Proactive Service Management for the second consecutive year, and additionally being awarded Best in Class recognition for Multi-channel Contact Management bears testimony of the commitment of our service team towards the achievement of this ideal."

Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya
Group Chief Executive
Dialog Telekom PLC.