The People Site Certification is a free of charge accreditation

The People Site Certification is a free of charge accreditation offered to APCSC Member Companies that have over 90% of their Customer Service and Contact Centre staff remain certified under APCSC’s Global Certification program, including Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP), Certified Contact Centre Professional (CCCP), Certified Contact Center Supervisor (CCCS), Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM), and Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM). The certification is renewed on an annual basis.

By achieving the People Site Certification, organizations are much better positioned to integrate professional customer service staff with their mission critical services process. They can therefore ensure that efficient and reliable services are provided to all customers with unique and sophisticated requirements.

The Certification ensures that participants understand the concepts taught in class. APCSC has proven methodologies and demonstrated over and over again that the most effective way to ensure training results with the maximum benefit and return on investment is through certification.

The skills and knowledge learnt in APCSC’s Global Certification programs prepare for success, implement service improvements at the center, and create strong business impact to the companies’ bottom line.

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Benefits through the People Site Certification

Integrate professional Customer Service and Contact Center staffs with the mission critical services process of the organization.

Provide new ways to advance customer services to a higher level of customer centricity, business support and effective customer communication.

Enable continuous improvement and uplift the professionalism of organizations’ Customer Service and Contact Center.

A great encouragement and morale lift to the Customer Service and Contact Center staffs.

Equip the staff with the best practices to provide consistent world class support to their customers.

Help the organizations to insure efficient and reliable services to all customers with unique and sophisticated requirements.

Strong endorsement of organization’s continuous commitment and success in providing world class customer services that is essential for positioning as a market leader.