Global Certification Testimonials

Testimonials for HKCSC & APCSC Certified Training - CCCA

"The contribution of the introduction of CSQS to telecom service provider is three fold. Firstly, this validates and recognizes the ongoing passion and effort in searching the excellent customer service standards within the daily call center operation.  Secondly, it represents a pioneer effort to practically recognize the impact and usefulness of CSQS standard in supporting the call center auditing and continuous improvement.  Finally, the implementation of various analysis methods enables  telecom service provider to perform even better of the customer service management in the competitive environment in both Hong Kong and China."

Simon Lau, Unit Manager
Customer Service, New World Telecommunications Limited

"The customized on-site training provided by APCSC was professional and well designed to meet our specific needs. The responses from our customer service professionals were overwhelmingly good. The success of this training cultivates a positive service mindset that helps elevating our service level."

Carmen Lai, Customer Services Manager
Exel (HK) Ltd

"Through the CCCA program, I have picked up the concept of world class call center standards and learnt how to streamline the business process in my call center. We applied the Best Practice by following the guidelines of CSQS. The implementation of these standards can definitely help us in building customer relations as well as future business development."

Daniel Lui, Customer Service Manager

"The CCCA course enriched my ability in managing a call centre, especially the area on establishing good practice in the industry.  I have been able to apply this knowledge to my work."

Rosanna Leung, Manager

"Certified Call Center Supervisor (CCCS) and Certified Call Center Analyst and Auditor (CCCA) courses helped me define our call center requirements and assisted in our vendor selection process. I was able to articulate our expectations, define targets we hope to meet and map processes which are required when supervising and monitoring call center performance.
The auditing techniques which were presented in the course allow me to provide follow up to call activities and assist in planning our field needs as well as call center resources and requirements. We can be much more pro-active by analyzing the data being collected by our call centers, which will also assist us to improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
I found the courses to be highly effective and valuable. Course material was well prepared and organized. In addition, the facilitators overseeing the exercises and activities were excellent. I found the material to be very informative and it has provided a knowledge which I can apply in the future as well as today. I would highly recommend using HKCSC’s programs and courses."

Cindy Foo
Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

"A valuable course that equips myself and I'll share with my colleagues.  A Successful Training!!"

Xemily Wu
Exel Hong Kong Ltd.

"The CCCA program provides a detailed walk through of the Customer Service Quality Standard which gives me an opportunity to understand and plan ahead the quality improvement projects for our contact center. It definitely helps me to improve the service performance of our CS professionals."

Winnie Lai, Assistant Customer Service Manager
Exel (Hong Kong) Limited