Global Certification Testimonials

Testimonials for HKCSC & APCSC Certified Training - CCCM

"The most valuable topic to me was Managing Performance.  New technology update & case sharing are appreciated."

Sara Wai, Manager
Customer Services, QHMS

"The instructor arranged the group discussion effectively, and the topic on Managing People is useful."

Cara Pang, Consultant
Aries Consulting

"Good presentation of the instructor! I like the group discussion in which many people shared their experience."

Scottie Tang, Senior Analyst Programmer
Continuous Technologies Int'l Ltd

"The group discussion conducted by the instructor is effective. The topic on CRM is useful."

Tommy Fung, Assistant Vice President
Continuous Technologies International Ltd

"Both the design of the curriculum and the instructor are excellent. All topics are important to me, and Managing Operations is the most valuable topic to me. The instructor has excellent knowledge of the training topics and is able to effectively answer questions and facilitate group discussion."

Eva Sin, Senior Customer Relations Officer
QNet Ltd.

"Workforce Management is the most valuable topic to me. The instructor is knowledgeable of customer service and good at drawing the students into the group discussion."

Richemont Asia Pacific Limited

"The instructor’s presentation is really effective and I like the video showed in the course."

Thomas Kan, Customer Service Supervisor
International Herald Tribune

"The topics about Managing Performance and Managing People are valuable to me, and the instructor’s communication in the class is effective."

Steven Law, Property Manager
Goodwell Property Management Limited

“I've joined the course Certified Call Centre Manager in 2010 with Jason as our facilitator. He was excellent! Not only knowledgeable, but also effective in explaining the concepts in a simple way that we can understand easily. He also provided up-to date information of the market. His presentation skill & time management are also very good. It's my pleasure to join his class.”

Preston Wan, Customer Relations Manager - Infoline
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd

“I have joined the two days CCCM course in June 2010. I was impressed by the lecturer – Jason, his presentation and the documentation is persuasive and fruitful. I am in total agreement and concur with Jason's recommendations to my project. There’s no reason for not introducing the course to my working partners and all."

Rosanna Leung, Call and Care Service Manager
Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

“The topic Managing Performance to me is very practical and useful. This is an excellent course to inspire us the transformation of call centre to profit centre. Thank you."

Shirley Tang, General Manager
Hopewell Real Estate Agency Limited

“In the CCCM course, Manage the Business Unit is the most valuable topic to me. The instructor is good at inspiring students’ thinking and mindset”

Cheung Ching Yeung, Senior Area Manager
Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd

"Customer Service Statistics & Numbers is the most valuable topic to me. The topics and course materials are well organized. All the topics are presented appropriately in this 2-day course."

China Telecom Global Limited

“The most valuable topic to me is Customer Relationship Management. The instructor gives us a good explanation on the CRM as a business strategy to serve customers for long-term value.”

Bobby Lim (Hong Kong)

“The most valuable topic to me is Managing Performance. Besides, the instructor has good time control.”

Fion Lau, Customer Service Manager
The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. Hong Kong)

“The most valuable topic to me is Managing Operations – KPI and Staffing model. The instructor provides us very good examples and leads us to think how to do.”

Gerri Chan, Manager
Make the right call (Hong Kong)

"I had learnt a lot from the CCCM course and this is very useful for me to incorporate the methodology to our company."

Suki Ko, Manager, Health Management
Bupa (Asia) Ltd

"This CCCM training is a good course for my daily operation. The most valuable topic to me is managing customer satisfaction."

Jennifer Chim, Assistant Manager, Worldwide Reservations Centre
Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

"The CCCM course is highly recommended! This is a changing point for me to think of turning the Cost Center to a Revenue Center. The Instructor is professional in sharing the current problems call centres facing and the trend in the market. The experiences sharing in the class also stimulates center center managers in thinking of what we need to do to advance further."

Candy Au Yeung, Assistant Manager
BUPA Health Insurance

"I find the CCCM course informative and comprehensive. And, the course instructor is resourceful to inspire experiential learning. I am more than happy to be a customer  reference for the certification program."

Monica Lee, Assistant Client Service Manager
HSBC Life (Int l) Ltd

"It is really a valuable experience to join the CCCM programme. I enjoyed so much in the class, especially the sharing of experience of various industries best practices and plan to join other programmes by APCSC for self development in future and recommend to my friends."

Angle Tang, Customer Service Manager
Bank of East Asia

"Many thanks for your coaching! We found the CCCM program very useful and it really makes our life much more easier as call center managers. Thank you."

Cary Lee,Assistant Client Service Manager
HSBC Insurance

"This course (CCCM) makes me think more about call center management, not only on Technology and Equipment, but also the core, People and their Attitude."

Claudia Lau, Assistant Customer Care Hotline Manager
SUNDAY Corporation

"This (CCCM) course has provided solid up-to-date market info in terms of what the challenges are faced by Call Centre nowadays and how problems can be tackled. It offered room for thinking which may change the way we think to align with market trends. Meeting with people from other organisations has facilitated experience sharing which is something we cannot achieve solely by reading industry publications. I'm glad I've had a chance to take part in this course"

Teresa Sze, Program Planning Officer
O2F eCRM Centre, Hong Kong CSL

"Thanks for very much! The course of CCCM provides the overview of setting up a new call centre in all aspects. After reviewing the course handbook & doing the project, it is very practical & helpful for my planning, implementing & monitoring the new outbound team. Thanks for giving me so much valuable opinions"

Samantha Wong, Team Leader

"The instructor can stimulate and motivate the discussion of the CCCM class - I learned a lot from the Instructor and also the participants"

Wing Yu Tang, Manager IT Call Center
Hong Kong Hospital Authority

"The (CCCM) course provides a deep insight for all rounded knowledge"

Ben Wong, Assistant Manager, Electronic Banking Services
BNP Paribas

"The CCCM training course was more than I expected. I was delighted with the training course & I found most sessions over the course were productive. It has enabled me to put my role into perspective. Also, the course is a wonderful opportunity to network with other professionals in and outside of your field to learn and share knowledge with others. Fun, interactive, easy to follow , excellent. I look forward to the next one!"

Sdanlia Wong, Assistant Retention Manager
SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited

"I found the (CCCM) course content very comprehensive, able to provide a solid foundation to call centre manager and at the same time give the manager a broad view of the operation. For sure I will recommend those existing manager & their assistant to take this course."

Chun Ming Chan, Customer Relationship Manager
Hong Kong CSL Limited

"I found this course (CCCM) very comprehensive and systematic which induce lots of discussions among participants from different perspectives. Our instructor is very experienced in the topic and was able to arouse our interest and help us to refresh our knowledge and develop insight into practical situation. Moreover, the follow-up assignment and exam further strengthen my knowledge and really led me to review the whole customer contact environment without delay."

Priscilla Yeung, Senior Customer Service Center
New York Life Insurance Worldwide Ltd.

"It's quite valuable to take such a professional and systematic CCCM training, many practical and up-to-date techniques we could apply to our Call Center. Thanks for delivering the excellent course!"

Theresa Yiu, Information Technology Manager
Procter & Gamble (China) Ltd.

"During the implementation of our CRM system, some of the elements from your course (CCCM) really helped me on fixing a lot of issues. The course is really worthy for me!"

David Chan, Customer Service Centre Manager
Hong Kong Oxygen

"The course (CCCM) is comprehensive and very practical to our daily call center operation, I have enjoyed and learnt much in sharing experience with other participants."

Ada Wu, Call Centre Manager
CL Technical Services Ltd

" ....this is (CCCM) a well-run training program that interaction is encouraged intensively..."

Kennedy Tse, Head of CRM
Eagle Star Insurance Group

"CCCM is a good course for those professionals tasked with the set-up or improvement of a call center. The reading materials are detailed and useful templates are provided."

Michelle Redman, Manager of Business Design & Integration
A Multinational Banking Corporation

"Both my colleague and I have gained a lot from you - our best instructor. We appreciate very much can attend this course so that we get many valuable advise from you."

Josephine Leung, Senior Manager, Customer Engagement Dept
HK Broadband Network Ltd

"The instructor can have clear demonstration in the training class."

Gloria Ngan, Customer Support Manager
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

"The course “Certified Call Center Manager” is an useful course and brings me many good ideas to improve my job. The instructor is most effective in facilitating group discussions throughout the course"

Li Ming Kit, Head of Call Center
Bank of China, Hong Kong

"This Certified Call Centre Manager Program is good in providing a systemic and theoretical picture for Call Centre Manager to do reviewing on her/his existing call centre or planning for further development."

Kitty Wong, Manager - Customer Attention Center
Fuji Xerox (HK) Limited

"This training (Certified Call Center Manager) is very comprehensive and can give participants a thorough understanding of how to be a conscious and competent call center manager."

Margaret Lau, Manager of Customer Service Division
ING Life Insurance

"With the keen competitions among the property developers, upgrading the existing Customer Service Hotline Center is the priority strategy in our company. After completing the “Certified Call Center Manager” course, I find that there are still many parts in our hotline center need continual improvement. This course is valuable and provides many latest information and methods on running a successful world-class call center."

Grace Cheung, Call Centre Manager
Hong Yip Service Co Ltd

"I enjoy the course very much and I will take your comments and apply them phase by phase."

Winnie Law, Manager, Customer Care & Business Support
Zurich Insurance Company

"Overall a worthwhile training program. Worth the time and also the money. Go for it! "

Mamata R Talukdar, Customer Service Head
UL India

"The instructor is excellent and experienced who has really inspired our group throughout the two sessions to positive and creative thinking. The information is practical and applicable. The discussions were entertaining yet educational. Both my teammates and myself were geared up and the mission statement is crystal clear: World Class and no less! Thank you APCSC for a world class tutorial!"

Carrie K. L. Kwok, Senior Business Manager, Senior Financial Advisor
American International Assurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd.

"We have been commissioning HKCSC as our business consultant since May 2002 for setting up our personal insurance call center. We find your consultant is very experienced in call center operation. The skills and knowledge that you transferred to us are very practical and useful. With HKCSC, we are able to shorten our call center development time and avoid a lot of mistakes. But most important of all, we are able to build a competent call center management team through your consultant's teaching & inspiration"

Macy Lim, Personal Insurance Manager
Dao Heng Insurance Co. Ltd.

"Managing Technology is very useful to me. It is totally applicable to support my customers. The instructor is most effective in giving cross industry examples."

Macy Lim
Berkeley Consulting Group