Global Certification Testimonials

Testimonials for HKCSC & APCSC Certified Training - CCCS

"CCCS的培訓讓我獲益良多,教我如何周全地考慮問題,並用Fishbone, 5 Whys 5 Hows 方法令自己儘量想多些,避免了只用片面的,局部的方法去看問題和解決問題。真正感受到SUPERVISOR是必須站得高看得遠的一個角色。"

Bonnie Cheung, Supervisor - Operation
AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd

"Thanks so much for your comment and suggestion to improve my problem solving skill.  The course (CCCS) provided us with a lot of time to do group discussion as well as role play which can make me to understand more in how to be an effective supervisor."

Bonnie Wong, CED - Sales Fulfillment
Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd.

"The most valuable topic to me is FAB, and the instructor is effective in leading group discussion and being a good facilitator."

Colina To, Assistant CRM Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb (HK) Ltd

"The course CCCS has provided me with lots of knowledge and hands-on experiment, from the class experience with my point of view and based on the annual appraisal performance on each staff."

Phourith Uch, Call Center Manger
CamGSM Co., Ltd. Cambodia

"Many thanks for your valuable course, and I really learn so much in it. I have improved a lot on leading a call centre team by using those techniques you have taught. It paves the way for my career path on call centre."

Max Ngan, Customer Relations Supervisor
Octopus Cards Limited

"The instructor is knowledgeable, presents ideas very well, and can get participants to involve in group discussions."

Elaine Chung, Senior Support Specialist
PriceWaterHouseCoopers Ltd

"The most valuable topics are coaching and motivating staff. The instructor can really stimulate us in brain storming and both way communication."

Fanny Chan
Cascade Ltd

"The most valuable topic is time management. The instructor is most effective in coaching and role-play analysis."

Ella Li
Cascade Ltd

"The CCCS is really useful in helping us to find out the way and best approach to further improve our service. The course has spotted out the key areas that would easily be overlooked and illustrated the concepts in a practical way, and has strengthened my knowledge to become a competent supervisor to drive my team towards success.
My heartfelt thanks to the Certification Program for being so "Practical and Interactive; Precise and Comprehensive" It is truly a marvellous learning experience to me!
By introducing the most recent world-class call centre best practice, CCCS is definitely a good choice for those who are already or becoming call centre supervisor!"

Florence Leung, Senior Customer Service & Sales Executive
Swire Beverages Ltd.

"I really find your course useful to me and to the rest of my colleagues. After attending your course, we have made a presentation to our department. The points I selected have now became a new model in our Customer Service Centre. I hope that I can be nominated again by our company to attend your courses in the future. Thanks a lot for your teaching."

Loretta Yip, Account Service Manager
Cascade Limited (Subsidiary of PCCW Limited)

"It goes without saying that after taking the Certified Call Center Supervisor (CCCS) course, I am better equipped and am more confident in managing my team members and be prepared to meet future challenges."

Stella Kwong, Accounts Service Manager
Cascade Limited (Subsidiary of PCCW Limited)

"Certified Call Center Supervisor (CCCS) and Certified Call Center Analyst and Auditor (CCCA) courses helped me define our call center requirements and assisted in our vendor selection process. I was able to articulate our expectations, define targets we hope to meet and map processes which are required when supervising and monitoring call center performance.
The auditing techniques which were presented in the course allow me to provide follow up to call activities and assist in planning our field needs as well as call center resources and requirements. We can be much more pro-active by analyzing the data being collected by our call centers, which will also assist us to improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
I found the courses to be highly effective and valuable. Course material was well prepared and organized. In addition, the facilitators overseeing the exercises and activities were excellent. I found the material to be very informative and it has provided a knowledge which I can apply in the future as well as today. I would highly recommend using HKCSC’s programs and courses."

Cindy Foo
Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

"This is a very valuable chance to attend this (CCCS) session. The learning content makes me refresh my mind and recall what I need to do in the most effective way"

Venus Cheung, Customer Care Supervisor
SUNDAY Corporation