About International CRE Innovation Leadership Awards

Assessment Process:

  • Innovation:
    • – Product and Service Description, Presentation and Write Up
    • – Booth Setup
    • – Expo Visitors vote


    • – Customer Reference
    • – Customer Satisfaction Measurement
    • – Webvoting
  • Panel of Judges Voting

Entry Fee:

Free of Charge for all the Expo Exhibitors.


Media & Newspapers Coverage:

The Standard, 10 September, 2019

2019 People Site Certification, CSQS Site Visits and CRE & Innovation Expo Awards

Hong Kong Economic Times, 26 August, 2019

CRE & CSQS Leadership Summit and CRE & Innovation Expo Award



Winners of the 2016 International CRE Innovation Leadership Awards

CRE Innovative Digital Linguistics Engine

Eptica Asia Pte

“At Eptica we are honoured to receive the Hong Kong International Expo CRE Innovation Award for ‘CRE Innovative Digital Linguistics Engine’. Eptica provides brands with intelligent and collaborative digital customer engagement platforms driving customer satisfaction and boosting competitive edge. We enable millions of individual worldwide to engage meaningful and high quality conversations with businesses, which makes their daily life easier. Our advanced Natural Language Processing automatically analyzes incoming interactions to detect key message elements, language and sentiment, enabling queries to be routed to the right agent quickly, along with recommended responses. By understanding the context of questions asked, our Linguistic Search feature delivers faster, more accurate answers to customers, as well as providing powerful insight into customer behaviour for Voice of the Customer programs. Linguistics is at the very heart of our solution and we are delighted by this recognition at the prestigious 2016 International Expo CRE Innovation Awards.”

Mr. Olivier Njamfa, President & CEO

Continuous Technologies International Ltd.

Continuous Technologies International Ltd.

“It is our great honor to receive the Expo Innovation Awards for CRE Innovative Mobile Medicine Service Integration. The award evidences our ability to keep up with customers’ expectation and to cope with challenges from technology. Customers nowadays are expecting a quick response services in a secure environment, especially when it comes to personal information. Therefore a handy and secure mobile medicine service is developed to ensure the service provided is aligned with customer expectations. Patient can seek medical consultation with just one click or tab. Video chat or audio communications are available in the mobile application for both physicians and patients, enhancing the flexibility of time and reducing the geographical constraint. Mobile Medicine Service Integration is a way to escalate customers’ experience and simplify the business process.”

Mr. Ian Wong, Senior Partner
Continuous Technologies International Ltd.