About International CRE Innovation Leadership Awards

Assessment Process:

  • Innovation:
    • – Product and Service Description, Presentation and Write Up
    • – Booth Setup
    • – Expo Visitors vote


    • – Customer Reference
    • – Customer Satisfaction Measurement
    • – Webvoting
  • Panel of Judges Voting

Entry Fee:

Free of Charge for all the Expo Exhibitors.


Media & Newspapers Coverage:

The Standard, 10 September, 2019

2019 People Site Certification, CSQS Site Visits and CRE & Innovation Expo Awards

Hong Kong Economic Times, 26 August, 2019

CRE & CSQS Leadership Summit and CRE & Innovation Expo Award



Winners of the 2018 International CRE Innovation Leadership Awards

CRE Innovative AI Enhanced eLearning Service

Find Solution Ai

“We are honored and privileged to receive the CRE Innovation Award. This year we are awarded ‘CRE Innovative AI Enhanced eLearning Service’ by APCSC. Our team has been exploring solutions to enhance the quality of student learning process by providing innovative AI technology to detect student emotional status and thus analyse their strengths and weaknesses on certain topics. We would like to take this opportunity to thank APCSC for providing such professional platform for organizations to share the best practices and marketing trend. The award represents public recognition of our efforts to support the educational sector, while further encourage us to make continuous improvements in the learning environment for the next generations. We will continue to devote our best efforts and fulfill our profound commitment to exceed expectations of our customers.”

Ms. Viola Lam, Founder & CEO
Find Solution Ai

CRE Innovative AI Robotic Concierge Service

Continuous Technologies International Ltd.

“It is our great honor to receive this Innovation Award for AI Robotic Concierge Services. This award truly validates our company’s efforts and contributions to the technological development of AI robotics and our ability to fulfill our customers’ needs through the application of innovative technology. Although the development of artificial intelligence technology is advancing rapidly and will have definite impact on enterprise competitiveness in the market, we believe that effectively applying these scientific developments to practical business cases will remain a great challenge. We have an intuitive understanding of the subtle differences between technology and its business applications, and its accompanying advantages and disadvantages. We will continue to adhere to our vision of practically applying leading-edge technologies to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers, helping them achieve the greatest return on their investment.”

Mr. Ian Wong, CEO
Continuous Technologies International Ltd.