2023 International CRE Awards Ceremony
HKCSC & APCSC 26th Anniversary

Hong Kong, China – November 16th, 2023 – At the 2023 International CRE Awards Ceremony, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (HK & AP CSC, The Consortium) have announced the list of Winners for the 2023 International Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE Awards). They are selected through a comprehensive balanced score card of self-assessment benchmarking, business case presentations, mystery calls, CSQS site assessment by the judging panel based on the International Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) 19.0, and a final round of judging by a panel of CRE experts. The goal of the CRE Awards is to promote service quality and Customer Relationship Excellence in international cities across regions and to recognize governments, companies, business units, teams, and individuals that have contributed to the success of both their customers and the organizations that they serve.

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