Roundtable Testimonials






蔡宏昌 负责人 展欣国际



“It is very insightful.”

Mark R.Luscombe Regional Vice President - Asia Pacific Merck Consumer Healthcare

“The participants to this round table are inspiring and remarkable.”

Ben Li Managing Director China Intelligence Technologies Ltd.

"The topics of the round table are very interesting."

Allan Tan Director Hill+Knowlton Strategies Asia

"It's a good chance to listen to different speakers with insight and good daily examples. The roundtable discussion is beneficial"

Mr. Thomas Yip Executive Director Willis Hong Kong Ltd

""Having this opportunity to hear how other organizations achieve service excellence has been such a great experience as I take back with me new ideas and suggestions."

Dr. Jeyanthi V Medical Director Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

"It's an excellent forum to share from all parts of the world."

Ms. Christine Chan Gleneagles Hospital

"It's a good chance to listen to different speakers' insights and good real examples."

Mr. Thomas Yip Executive Director Willis Hong Kong Ltd


陈燕华 人事部主任 LG电子(中国)有限公司

"本次会议就杰出顾客服务及优质顾客 服务标准进行了分享。通过成功企业在运营管理方面的案例分享,对于以后在客服管理领域有了新的方向和定位。"

周俊 质检部主任 LG电子(中国)有限公司

Nice building, Impressive Presentation, Inspiring Discussion !

Ng Dick Hay CEO

A very interesting forum with a diverse industry audience and participation !

Vincent Lai MD Quintessentially

Interesting topics with some innovative ideas.

William Chiang Business Analyst Quintessentially


高子钦 资深处长 台湾之星电信股份有限公司